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Chicago Table

March 2017

Materials: White Oak, steel cable wire

This table originated from a sketch that I drew while studying my guitar. During rapid prototyping, it took on qualities of a suspension bridge. As such, every design element plays off the tension in the wires. The legs are joined at angles as are the curved laminated stretchers. I wanted to strike a balance that suggests that the wires are pulling the legs into place while, at the same time, the legs appear to be pulling the wires taut. What I love about this table is that it takes on a unique shape from every different perspective.

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Fado Cabinet

December 2016

Materials: Ash and Ash Splint

This case was inspired by my love for music and, in particular, the high fidelity and enduring quality of vinyl records. I chose frame and panel construction for its strength, modern look, and the added level of precision required for the perfect fit. The woven panels are a nod to a time when vinyl records were at the height of popularity and, what’s more, the texture of the splint weaving is reminiscent of the smooth crackle in the background of a vinyl recording. Inside, there is a drawer that can be used to store record player accessories.

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