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My Lefty side of things

Lefty Design Co is based in Minneapolis, MN. We are committed to designing and making furniture that is functional, beautiful, and handcrafted. Inspired by architectural forms and an interplay of materials, we hope our products will be well loved and well used additions to your home. We take pride in our work so you can take pride in your home.

  • Founder and Maker - Stephanie Lunieski

My relationship with furniture started in a basic woodworking class at the local community center quickly transformed into an obsession with furniture catalogs by age 12. I started building my own furniture with an inherited hand saw and 1980’s belt sander in order to furnish my post-college apartment in Washington, D.C., where I attended American University. When I finished my first piece, I found that I not only had a new bedside table but an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride and there was no turning back. In 2016, I moved to Rockport, ME to attend the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s Comprehensive Nine Month Program. I have since spent more time at the Center for Furniture craftsmanship as a summer workshop assistant and a Studio Fellow.

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